9.15 Meeting Minutes

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9.15 Meeting Minutes

Post  cmullins on Wed Sep 16, 2009 12:18 am

Colleges Against Cancer Meeting Minutes

I. Presidents
a. REACH BOTH OF THEM BY EMAIL: cacpresidents@gmail.com
b. Casey Mullins – cmullins2@wisc.edu
c. Amy Follet – afollet@wisc.edu
II. ACS Story – Kate shared her story about her dad
III. Member Requirements
a. $5 dues
b. Come to 5 out of the 7 meetings
c. Volunteer at one of the BIG EVENTS
d. Participate in 2 conference calls
IV. Committee Forum
a. cacuwmadison.board-directory.net
b. great place to post ideas and get connected with the rest of the group
V. Upcoming conference calls
a. 1-877-228-3600
b. Passcode: 264845
i. TOMORROW (9/16/09) (Welcome Back CAC) – 6pm or 10pm
ii. TUES OCT 13th (CAC 101) – 8 pm
VI. Bucky
a. Bucky went to Brianna Pilling for being enthusiastic about CAC this year
VII. Meetings will be every other Tuesday at 7pm
VIII. Events to watch for:
a. Breast Fest – October
b. Great American Smoke Out – November
c. Dodgeball (For testicular cancer) – Spring
d. Skin Cancer Awareness – Spring
e. CAC Social – in the near future
f. RELAY!!!!!!!
IX. Directors emails:
a. Melanie Johnson (Relay) – mjohnson23@wisc.edu
b. Allison Baus (Relay) – aabaus@wisc.edu
c. Kate Golen (Director of Finance) – golen@wisc.edu
d. Leah Theisen (Director of Survivor Engagement) – ltheisen@wisc.edu
e. Angela Hammer (Director of Marketing) – ahammer@wisc.edu
f. Brianna Pilling (Director of Campus Involvement) – pilling@wisc.edu
g. Carrie Roulet (Student Advisor) – roulet@wisc.edu
X. Leadership meeting
a. Thursday 9/17/09 8 pm
b. Email top 3 leadership choices to cacpresidents@gmail.com



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